As experienced software engineers specialized in multi platform application development we are focused on building modern apps to the fullest customer satisfaction and reliable long-term relations. Our team is developing mobile apps since the upcoming of smartphones and has therefore an expertise as well as a wide variety of knowledge which makes us a strong partner who can even execute big projects and support our customers in all parts of a software lifecycle.

What you can expect


Satisfaction guarantee

We want you as happy long term customers! This is why our development always starts with some consulting meetings to find out your needs, usually followed by a small prototype on your preferred platform (MVP) and short update/feedback cycles with a pay-as-you-go payment model.


Personal contact

Close contact between our team and you is key. Depending on the projects lifecycle stage, different team members will attempt the meeting to find the best solution by direct communication without generating a middle man overhead.



An agile approach verifies creating a software which meets exactly your requirements. It also enables to be more flexible and react on changes with an ease throughout the hole process. Using the best from Scrum, XP, Kanban and other agile approaches and combining this with some own best practices enhances the development even more.


Scalable & Secure

We always deliver secure, robust and scalable products using the latest frameworks and technologies. Your software can be easily adapted to future needs or business changes. Running servers on dedicated servers or even in the cloud ensures there is no limit of users or traffic.


Continuous delivery

Short release cycles will ensure the reliably at building and testing software which ends up in a greater development speed. In addition we make sure the latest version of your product can be reviewed by everyone you want you to!


Network of other professionals

If necessary we can conduct our broad network of other professionals in design, graphics, 3D modeling, user interfaces and user experience, security, testing, marketing, search engine and app store optimization, translators or even user training.

About us

New software projects are always a unique challenge we love to embrace together with our customers to find the best suited solution. Usually this can be achieved by an agile development approach, an open mindset and fast feedback loops. Our offers contain developing apps for all modern platforms such as mobile (iOS, Android), web, or desktop (Mac, Windows and Linux). The services we provide include the entire process: Starting with consultation and prototyping, developing of mobile, web and desktop applications, testing, delivering, publishing, marketing as well as maintaining or even adding additional features in the future.

Still not convinced?

We love what we do and this may be the reason why a few of our developed apps have even been recognized by the Apple AppStore and Google PlayStore in the top lists under various categories.
In the past we could deliver our services to startups and enterprises in different industries like healthcare and psychology, logistics, gaming, real estate, finance and construction.
Huge projects can be scaled and delivered with an unbeatable price due to outsourcing the easy parts to known colleagues based all over the world. Don't worry the quality will be ensured by us and as experienced professionals we only like to work with other far from average specialists.